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The BARE Athlete Assessment provides the athlete, coach, and/or team an accurate snapshot of the athletes' current abilities, strengths, and deficits. 

Follow up assessments are included for athletes coached by Jeff 


Individualized plans are developed for all athletes based on the athletes' goals and assessment. 

One-on-one, small group, and team coaching available. 

Athletes of all sports and levels may apply. 



Gain access to the same recovery tools and modalities that the pros use.

Private and group sessions available. 

Rent our service for your next competition, race, tournament, etc.



At Building Athletes Restoring Everybody our mission is to increase athletic ability, durability, and availability. By providing comprehensive athlete assessments, program design, and access to athlete recovery services we ensure our athletes are knowledgeable, confident, and prepared to compete.

Building Athletes is a fluid process achieved by addressing the ever-changing needs and demands on each individual. Regardless of an athlete's skill, age, or goal, we work to improve performance outcomes by improving limitations and further developing strengths. To perform at your best, you must be durable enough to withstand the physical and mental stress of training. By educating my clients on the pillars of athleticism, recovery modalities, and mental training techniques I ensure they have the tools to compete for a lifetime.  

Restoring Everybody is accomplished by utilizing the same tools and modalities trusted by professional athletes and organizations. Through manual therapy, exercise, and other restorative tools, I keep athletes on the field or return them to competition confident and prepared to succeed. This is not a passive process; My athletes are conscious of the recovery process and invest time in themselves. 




Valrico, FL.


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