Golf Fitness 

Improve your body and mind to improve your game. 

Golf player walking

Professional players like Greg Norman, Gary Player, and Tiger Woods were once considered abnormal for their off-course training routines. Today, players of all levels understand the importance of an appropriate off-course training program.

By taking part in the BARE Golf program you can expect to increase your athletic ability, fitness level, and durability. 

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Increase Distance

To increase club head speed and distance you will need to improve your ability to produce power.  


Power is a function of speed and strength. To generate power in the golf swing you must be able to produce and absorb force. In order to do so you must  have adequate strength, stability, and mobility. 

By focusing on improving physical limitations, such as inadequate range of motion, lack of stability, and relative strength deficits you will learn how to efficiently produce, load, and absorb force. This development will allow you to increase your rate of force development and safely swing at higher speeds.





Increase Accuracy

To increase accuracy you need to improve low point control, swing sequence, and club face position at impact. 

To control these components of the swing you need high levels of motor control. 

Training improves proprioception and kinesthetic awareness. These are the sensory feedback mechanisms that allow us to sense where our body is moving in space. 


Improvement in these mechanisms will assist in developing coordination, timing, tempo, rhythm, and dynamic balance.


Increase Consistency

To increase consistency you must be confident, physically fit, and durable. 

Confidence is a product of having the right mental approach.

Learning and practicing visualization, positive self-talk, and breathing techniques will help you to maintain your routine and keep calm under pressure. 


Golf is a skill-based sport. This means to lower your handicap you must practice. By improving your physical fitness and durability you will be able to spend the necessary time on the range (or course) to improve, without increasing your risk of injury.